The Reason We Do What We Do

The Arabians and More LLC Crew consists of 22 horses owned by Arthur and Catie. We have everything from lesson horses and broodmares to show prospects and breeding stallions. Take a look below to learn a bit about everyone

Our Lesson Horses

Hopper show name ATH Grasshopper – Hopper is our one and only Anglo Arabian. His favorite riders are children. He will go English, Western, or even bareback. He helps our riders build a confident foundation before stepping up to the more advanced horses.

Showfie registered name PGN Showfia Loren (Showkayce+ x PGN Solitaire) – Showfie is a wonderful and well seasoned show horse. She has multiple wins to her name and is ready to take the next generation of students into the ring.

Big Luke registered name Skywalker RA (Graylord x QF Coquette) – Luke has done many things from competing in the CEP ring, to trail riding, and even jousting. Now he’s ready for those students ready to step up and take their skills to the next level.

SeaBee registered name Ansa Taseajur (Amir Taj Asham x Fadjurs Seaquin) – We call SeaBee our teacup arabian. She is the only pony in our lesson string and is a favorite for all levels of riders. We look forward to her bringing our walk trot riders into the show ring this year for sure.

Bob JC Name Smokin Padre (Stormy Jack x Prizes Are Smokin) – Bob is a gentle giant of a thoroughbred who loves to be a walk trot horse after a very successful racing career. Don’t let his size fool you, he’s nothing but a big puppy dog.

Preacher JC Name Confess Your Sins (TannersMyMan x Sassy Sinner) – Preacher is another retired racehorse now enjoying his time teaching lessons. He presents some great challenges and learning opportunities for the more advances riders. He can be a little bit of a trickster, but over all a solid citizen to take you to the higher levels.

Hero JC Name Samendra (Demidoff x Aashu) – A true warhorse on the track Hero had an incredible 75 starts on the track and just retired a few years ago at the age of 10. This gentleman is now enjoying the retired life with us and is very lightly part of the lesson schedule.

Oink registered name Three Hams (Buck My T x Mama’s Black Baby) – Oink is a super fun addition to the lesson string. He is a purebred Missouri Fox Trotter. He is gaited and loves to work out on the trail course. He is quite the character and is often found hanging out in the ring during lessons.

Kiddo registered name Kid Roc (PGA Santiago Bey x Sheeza Dream W) – Kiddo is a wonderfully talented western pleasure horse with three beautifully smooth gaits that are just a pleasure to ride. He can also step it up to the hunter ring and is a lovely jumper. A great step up from the beginner horses and he loves to show too!

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Our Show Prospects

Many of these horses are available for sale. Please feel free to contact us with your interest.

Bravo SWF (Jagger SWF x Focus Starlet) – Bravo is athletic, smart, and ready to take the working western world by storm. After a very successful halter career that is. He could also be a very competitive hunter or sport horse. He is only lightly started and ready to head in any direction. Bravo is available for purchase to a competition home.

Sir Mystique (Sir Marwan CRF x Marcilla) – Mister is a striking flaxen maned gelding with trot for days. This boy will surely turn heads wherever he goes. Very lightly started, but heading to the show ring soon. Be on the look out for this handsome fellow. Mister is available for purchase to a competition home.

GA Gun Slinger ( Drummers Pistol Pete x Zangria) – Gunner is just starting his training but this boy is a beautiful pinto with white in all the right places. He will be a heart breaker when he’s all grown up. The coming years will see him turning heads and taking names in the working western world. Gunner is not available for purchase.

Socrates SWF (Hariry Al Shaqab x SWF Desert Rose) – Athens is the fraternal twin brother to our junior stallion Sparta. When the opportunity arose to have both of these wonderful Arabians we simply couldn’t refuse. Watch out for this dynamic duo as they begin their show careers side by side. The sky is the limit for this lovely young gelding. Athens is not available for purchase.

Eire Go Bragh (HeatSeeker x Beaulena) – Eire recently retired from her racing career and is ready to start a new career under saddle and over fences. She is a grand daughter of Giant’s Causeway and we hope she will produce an exquisite Anglo-Arab for us in the future. Eire is not for sale at this time

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Our Breeding Stock

Montoya HDM (Shael Dream Desert x Miss Shaklina HMP) – Monti is old world breeding like you simply don’t see anymore. He is correct and will improve upon any mare he is paired with. His super sweet disposition is an asset to any breeding. Monti is not available for public breedings at this time.

Leonidas SWF (Hariry Al Shaqab x SWF Desert Rose) – Sparta is a very young stallion with a very bright future. He will mature to a breath taking white just like both of his parents. Sweet and willing he is currently preparing for to start his riding career. Breeding inquiries are welcome on this very special stallion.

Shanghao Kid (Lemon Drop Kid x Lady From Shanghai) – Shaggy is not only an extremely talent horse under saddle but will make a great sire for Anglo Arabians and other crosses. He was extremely successful in his racing career and a proven sire on the track and on the polo field. Breeding Inquires are welcome on this awesome thoroughbred stallion.


The Babies

Here at Arabians and More we always look to the future. We are pleased to welcome these exquisite youngsters to our herd. At this time none of the babies are available for purchase, but we welcome you to follow their progress on our social media pages.

Ladies First:

AJS Lady Marmalade (Malik El Jamaal x Desha Mar-Ci) – Egyptian breeding at it’s finest.”Jelly” is one of the finest Baby Boss Mare’s in the making ever. Beauty and Brains and everything in between. She IS the future of the breed.

Spanish Harlem AEM (D’Angelo x TR Bandeira El Rashid) – Only a handful DAngelo babies were bred prior to his export to Europe. We are honored to have the last of his purebred daughters here in the States. Jammy is so clever and sweet. We cannot wait to present her to the world. She has everything to offer.

EternaLove SWF (Kingsman SWF x Eternalove) – Love is an absolutely adorable flaxen chestnut filly. She’s going to be a petite little show horse ready to take on the world in just a few more years.

Sudanna SWF (Marsai Mara SWF x Jude SWF) – An absolutely breathtaking young mare that is definitely going to be a super star. Picture perfect and already a stunning fully lightened out grey. Suds is the horse every little girl dreams of.

And then the boy!

Senegal SWF (Marsai Mara SWF x Desert Rose SWF) – AKA Hector. Why Hector?? Because he’s a half brother to our twins. So only fitting another name fit for a hero. This boy is so cool. he has a huge future ahead of him. Another sweet inquisitive youngster ready to meet the world.

We are so happy we’ve been given the chance to start these amazing “Wee’s” career. They are the future.