All of Our Favorite Things

Over the years we’ve met some great people out in the horse community and have become part of some great organizations. Please click the links below and visit our partners and friends.

Professional Services

Desert Edge Equine

Desert Edge Equine is the private practice of Dr. Alana Hendrix. We trust her to take top notch care of all of our equine partners. She has been part of the A and M Family from the very beginning and we highly recommend her to all of our clients.

Pat Page – Professional Horse Shoeing

From trims to shoes to corrective care Pat Page is your man. He takes excellent care of all of our horses and has some of the best prices in town. If you are in need of a highly skilled farrier definitely give him a call.

Tack, Feed, and Supplies

Sweet Iron Bit and Bridle

Joan has a whole array of great new tack for all of your needs. She specializes in Biothane training tack and you can see some of her work when you come visit us.

Sammy’s Jumps

Sammy makes some of the most awesome custom jumps and trail obstacles you’ve ever seen. He can help you build the course of your dreams.

Sacate Pellet Mills

We love the results of our horses eating pellets and we especially love Sacate. Evey animal on the farm is happy and healthy. It’s a great way to feed.

Our Favorite Arabian Professionals

Arabian Expressions

Greg Knowles is an absolute Master of Arabian knowledge and know how. He has decades of experience owning, showing, and breeding Arabians. We enjoy attending seminars and open houses at his facility and learning more and more every time we meet.

Stonewall Farm

David Caines has been a great friend and mentor and we are so proud to have multiple Stonewall bred horses on the property. He hosts farm tours at his farm regularly and we always have a wonderful time seeing his beautiful babies.

Arabian and Show Organizations

Arabian Horse Association of Arizona

The club that hosts the world famous Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show every year. Art and Catie are both card carrying members. They are a great club really making a difference in the Arabian Industry.

Arabian Horse Association

From registration to shows, everything Arabian happens here. If you want to join our show team you’ll need a membership and show card to get started.

United States Equestrian Federation

USEF is the governing body of all horse related events and competitions in the United States. Art and Catie are both proud USEF members, as are our show horses. You will also want to join USEF if you plan to join our show team.

Facebook Groups To Join

Art and Catie are administrators and owners to two awesome Facebook groups you will want to join. The first is the Arizona Horse Network. This group is for the sale of both horses and just about any horse tack, supplies, or services you may need. With nearly 20,000 members you are sure to find what ever it is you need.

Our second group is Arizona Equestrian Events. This group allows members to share shows, events, trail rides, and any other horse opportunity occurring in the Valley. If you are looking for something fun for you and your equine partner, you’re sure to find it here.

And of course we invite all of our visitors to follow us on Facebook at both A and M Equestrian as well as Arabians and More. Here you can learn more about our day to day activities and see the latest happenings around the ranch.