Quality Care for Over A Decade

A and M Equestrian has been a fixture of the Litchfield Park area for over a decade. Veterinarian and Farrier recommended we provide quality affordable care with a variety of options to meet your horses needs.

We have large stalls which are cleaned regularly, stall contain auto-fill waterers to ensure cool fresh water is always available. Our horses are fed quality Sacate hay pellets twice daily and we are happy to feed any supplements you would like to provide for your horse at no extra cost. Turn out is provided as often as possible based on your horses needs and ability to fit in with the existing herd dynamics.

Amenities of the property include:

  • Large stalls either fully covered or half covered
  • A huge arena with lighting which is available for use until 9pm every day
  • A trail course which is changed regularly
  • Large lit round pen
  • Multiple turn out areas
  • Secure tack storage
  • Trailer parking
  • Trails right off the property
  • Shaded tacking areas
  • Washracks
  • And more

We are a short ride from Dunn’s Arena and attend multiple events and shows which we welcome our clients to join us for. We provide the same care for your horses as we do for ours. We are also experienced stallion handlers and are happy to discuss the possibility of boarding your stallion at our facility.